Lake Macquarie retaining walls

Adding a retaining wall to your property can breathe new life into the landscape and be a practical way to use or manage your outdoor space. At Excavate It Services, we specialise in designing and building retaining walls in Lake Macquarie and the surrounding Hunter region.

Our team is experienced and skilled in residential and commercial landscaping and earthworks. We have the capabilities and machinery to tackle retaining walls in Lake Macquarie, from consultation and design through to construction. We’ll also have all materials delivered to your site.

Like most retaining wall projects, local council permission and engineering is required to build retaining walls above a metre high – but we take care of that for our customers. If the project requires larger machinery than we have on hand, we will hire from a third party and we are fully insured for that equipment.

Customers who want to install retaining walls in Lake Macquarie will often require or want other residential earthworks carried out. At Excavate It Services, we can take care of everything from driveway excavation, total site excavation and trench digging.

For comprehensive and professional Lake Macquarie retaining walls, contact the team at Excavate It Services.