Soil and rubbish removal, Lake Macquarie

Whatever you have lying around your block, construction site, home or commercial block, the team at Excavate It Services can come and remove it safely and efficiently. We offer comprehensive soil and rubbish removal services for Lake Macquarie and the wider Hunter region.

If you have bought an old house or building and demolished it to build again, we can take care of all the rubble and excess soil, saving you the time and effort – not to mention the hassle of a skip bin. At Excavate It Services, we’ll break up and remove more challenging rubble and objects as we have the equipment and expertise for concrete and rock breaking in Lake Macquarie.

You might have an existing property with a build-up of soil and rubbish from a landscaping project. Excavate It Services will effortlessly remove it for you. We can also tackle any slashing and mulching you might require on any site, residential or commercial, large or small.

At Excavate It Services, we have a six-tonne tipper truck that allows for stress-free and efficient soil and rubbish removal. We also offer a Lake Macquarie tipper truck hire service, with a licensed operator.

Whether you’re starting or completing a renovation, construction or landscaping project on either residential or commercial land, rely on the team at Excavate It Services for all your soil and rubbish removal needs.